Exploring Different Types of Music Videos: From Animation to Virtual Reality

Published on August 12, 2023 in by MVK
Exploring Different Types of Music Videos: From Animation to Virtual Reality


Music videos have evolved into a diverse and dynamic art form, providing artists with a platform to express their creativity and connect with their audience. Music videos come in various types, from storytelling to stunning visuals, each with a unique appeal. This blog will examine some popular music video types, explained in plain English.

  1. Animated Video: Animated music videos use illustrations, graphics, and animation techniques to bring the song’s narrative to life. These videos are like mini-movies, often with vibrant characters and imaginative worlds.
  2. ASL Interpretation: ASL interpretation music videos cater to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. They feature sign language interpreters who convey the song’s lyrics and emotions through American Sign Language, making the music accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Audio Video: Audio videos keep things simple by featuring the song’s audio alongside a static image or visual. They’re great for fans who want to focus on the music without distractions.
  4. Behind the Scenes: These videos offer a peek into the making of a music video. Viewers get to see the artists, directors, and crew in action, providing insights into the creative process behind the final product.
  5. Compilation: Compilation music videos use clips from movies, TV shows, or other sources to craft a new visual narrative that complements the song’s mood or lyrics. It’s like creating a visual mixtape.
  6. Conceptual Video: Conceptual music videos take a unique approach, often featuring abstract or symbolic visuals that may require a bit of interpretation. They’re all about sparking thoughts and discussions.
  7. Concert Tour Documentary: These videos offer a glimpse into an artist’s life on the road. Fans get to see the energy and excitement of live performances and the challenges of touring.
  8. Cover Video: Cover music videos feature artists performing renditions of an existing song. It’s a chance for them to twist a familiar tune.
  9. Dance Video: Dance music videos are all about the moves! They showcase choreography and dancing that complements the rhythm and style of the song.
  10. Experimental Video: Experimental music videos push boundaries and challenge norms. They can feature unconventional visuals, artistic concepts, and unique editing techniques.
  11. Fan-Made Video: Fan-made music videos are created by enthusiasts as a tribute to the artist or song. They often use clips, artwork, or creative editing to express their admiration.
  12. Interactive Video: Interactive music videos allow viewers to make choices that affect the video’s storyline or visuals. It’s like stepping into the director’s chair.
  13. Lyric Video: Lyric videos display the song’s lyrics synchronized with the music. They’re great for singing along and understanding the words.
  14. Narrative-Driven Video: Narrative-driven music videos tell a story that complements the song’s themes. They often feature characters and plotlines that unfold throughout the video.
  15. Performance Video: Performance music videos showcase the artist or band performing the song. It’s all about the music and the energy of the performance.
  16. Virtual Reality 360 Video: These videos provide an immersive VR experience. Viewers can wear VR headsets to explore a 360-degree virtual environment synced with the music.


Music videos have come a long way from their humble beginnings, encompassing various styles and formats. Whether you’re a fan of storytelling, dance, or pure musical performance, there’s a music video type that’s just right for you. So, the next time you watch a music video, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the creative choices that went into making it a visual and auditory masterpiece.

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