Yo Mama A Witch (Movie Trailer) by Patrice Edwards

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Yo Mama A Witch (Movie Trailer) by Patrice Edwards

Artist: Patrice Edwards
Featured Artist:
Album: Single
Genre: Hip Hop
Directed by: Patrice Edwards
Animated Video

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Album Cover:
Yo Moma A Witch


Two UCLA collegiate students, Ann and Boner, have partnered up for a comms class project. They plan to chronicle Ann’s familial connections to Salem, and the practice of witchcraft, through a series of key; exhibitions. But digging deeper into a treasure trove of belongings her grandmother had left for her, and finding a mysterious woman’s name among them written on a piece of paper, puts Ann and Boner on the cusp of uncovering an even bigger mystery.

The unanswered questions over Ann’s lineage, coupled with Ann’s continual sightings of an odious mystery man from one of her grandmother’s old photographs, inspires Boner to summon the woman whose name they discovered, Laura Zetler, over for a sit-down. She hopes she can provide some answers about her connections to Ann’s family, which she does. However, soon after their meeting, Laura is inexplicably found dead. Ann is almost certain her sinister stalker is behind the shocking crime. But why? What are his ties to Ann’s family? And can Ann find out before she becomes his next victim?

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